In these times when words like "diversity", "minorities", "discrimination" and "social justice" have become empty catchphrases, and are trivialized and applied everywhere to make ghost-haunted minds feel good, there is an urgent need for individuals, communities and organizations to advocate for their true meaning.

From nature-based philosophies, to social architecture, indigenous community resilience, and B1 empowerment activism, this studio distinguishes itself by its essence -radically singular- in the midst of a voracious marketplace where opportunities are strangled for those who are different. 

From the conviction of Black excellence, we challenge you to bet on creativity, professionalism, inter and intra-cultural understanding and on bringing an extra flavor to your projects. Welcome to the JJBK world, created just for you.

About me

JJBKstudio Founder

Jimmy Jean Baptiste Kernisant


Of Haitian origin, born, raised and educated in Spain, having lived in 4 different countries and traveled through 25 countries on 5 continents, with the advantage of being fluent in 4 languages, I constitute an unusual cocktail of creativity and enthusiasm for designing, life and nature. Nature? Yes, because I have been wondering for more than a decade how a supposed "random existence" has given answers - in a majestic and intelligent way - to millions of problems in different parts of the planet. In fact, it wasn’t until after I finished my architecture degree, that I became interested in landscaping, which really let my imagination run free, since the green/living elements in creation is always the one that has offered me the utmost versatility when it comes to solving spaces. This curiosity for the intelligent design impregnated in nature -and therefore in its Designer- derived in deepening my knowledge in bioclimatic architecture and, ultimately, in biomimicry, which has recently ended up captivating me completely.

For “life reasons”, after 4 years of practicing architecture, I ended up going to Ethiopia to coordinate a development project, which inaugurated my phase as an explorer of insurmountable domains: my person, my origins, other cultures, ways of seeing the world, and alternative ways of doing things... a combination of which has enriched my repertoire of skills and approaches to deal with my architectural projects. The best success stories in my life have been the product of a vision, a plan, an innovative conception followed by persistent work in a specific direction - yes, even my culinary recipes, my celebrations or best projects have been the result of inspiration and conscientious work. However, there have also been failures... but always unique failures. Tripping over the same stone does not suit me. In this highly racialized profession, it has not been, nor will it be easy to make my own way, but nature has shown me that differences and exceptions are often valued. When it comes to problem solving, biology teaches us that exceptions are necessary... so why not go for someone different?



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Benicasim (CS), Spain